WAM!NYC is the New York chapter of Women, Action & The Media, an independent non-profit dedicated to building an inclusive movement for gender justice in media.



Our Mission

There are over 3.3 billion women living in the world today. Yet if you judge solely by the mainstream media you might conclude those 3.3 billion people are less intelligent, less articulate, less funny, have less to say about issues (even those directly affecting them) or perhaps only make up 5 to 30% of the population. Of course, none of that is true. What is true is that women have fewer opportunities to contribute to conversations, because they are less likely to own media, be asked for their opinion regardless of their qualifications, be published, or be given the chance to tell their story.

At Women, Action and the Media (WAM!) we're out to change that. We are an independent, non-profit organization building a robust, effective, inclusive movement for gender justice in the media. We are also a strong, growing community of people engaged with media, learning and sharing capacity and skills needed to build a media ecosystem that represents the diversity of our lives and stories.

Why do we WAM!? Because power and privilege is about who gets to speak and who is listened to. Most of the time, it’s not women.

“Usually, you meet people who are important to your career casually, at work, or behind closed doors. But WAM! is this amazing, open space where anyone who needs to make important connections can make them, and women especially need to make important connections to further their careers.”
— Ann Friedman, freelance journalist, columnist for New York magazine, and co-host of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend.

Our core values

  • WAM! believes that institutions can only be changed when pressure is applied from the inside and from the outside.

  • WAM! believes that social change can be fun, and encourages creative, positive, inclusive action.

  • WAM! welcomes the next generation of leaders now, while integrating the lessons of previous generations.

  • WAM! is concerned with all kinds of media, including news, opinion-making, social networks, film, theater, television, music, video games, and more.

  • WAM! constantly seeks to remove barriers to entry. All individuals aligned with our mission & vision are welcome and encouraged to participate.

  • WAM! is intergenerational, anti-racist, pro-economic-justice, anti-transmisogyny, queer-friendly, pro-immigrant, anti-ableist, interfaith, and supports size diversity.

  • WAM! belongs to the communities we serve. All WAM! leaders are stewards in service to these communities.

the WAM!NYC Board